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ONE For Life



COURSE Prices (per person)

Standard Price
Concession Price*
£30 online
£20 online
£45 paper manual
£35 paper manual

* Concessions include:

  • Those who are in full time Christian work
  • Those who are full time students
  • Those who are retired
  • Those who are on benefits
  • Those who have already taken any one of our courses.


By clicking REGISTER we understand that we will pay the fees as shown on the next page. The fees quoted are per person, but are both paid in the one payment. We understand that our fees each may be different to the other depending if we each pay a standard or concession price and if we want an online or paper manual. Online manuals will be released to our email address via a password prior to the course providing payment has been made. Our Group Leaders will explain this process to us. If we wish to cancel our registration, we must request a refund in writing no later than one (1) week prior to the start of our assigned group.