2=1 ministry began 40 years ago when God miraculously restored Mike and Marilyn Phillipps’ broken marriage and showed them His plan and principles for covenant marriage.

Mike & Marilyn

Founders of 2=1

Gustavo & Roos'Mary Barrios

2=1 Global Directors

Gustavo and Roos’Mary took over the global leadership of 2=1 International in 2021 following the death of Marilyn Phillipps who, with her husband Mike, founded the work of 2=1. The International Office then moved from Denver, Colorado to Guatemala where they live. 2=1 is currently active in 90 countries worldwide

Mike & Lyn

2=1 International Directors,
UK & Europe

Mike and Lyn have led the work of 2=1 in UK since 2008, and Europe since 2015. The Europe Office is based in the UK where they live. 2=1 is currently active in 16 European countries.


 The Married for Life course teaches us God’s plan for covenant marriage  through 12 key biblical principles.


The Parents for Life course teaches us  God’s plan and principles for parenting and building a strong, loving family.

Marriage Preparation

The One for Life course challenges us to confirm whether we are marrying the person God has called us to be with and if so to prepare us for a life together living in God’s plan for covenant marriage.