Frequently Asked Questions

Email or call the office during office hours on 07500 402 379.

Email or call the office during office hours on 07500 402 379.

Email with details of which course you wish to do, where you are located and we will ask one of our group leaders to get in touch with you to assist.

Email We will ask one of our group leaders to get in touch with you to provide you with a suitable course date.

Email We will get this resolved for you.

Register for the course and then put your request in the comments section of the registration form.  If the timing cannot be resolved for you you can transfer your registration to another course.

Please liaise with your Group leader, their email details will have been sent to you with your registration. You may be able to do it via zoom or other arrangements may be made for you. If it is still not possible for you to attend we can transfer your registration to another course.

Please follow this link:  Donation Page ( this will give you means to donate. If you are a UK tax payer, we would be grateful if you could also complete the Gift aid form: UK Gift Aid Form – 2=1 (

Email or if you are still in touch with the Group Leader you can approach them directly.

We are not marriage counsellors, but we do have courses which you can attend to help you work through with your spouse. We believe that the Married for Life course will help any marriage, whatever difficulties it has.  We also have a useful book on the website called ‘First aid for a wounded marriage’ written by the creators of the Married for Life course. It can be found on the website under ‘other ‘resources’.

The Married for Life and Parents for Life courses are for married couples so that they can work together on their marriage or parenting.  The courses are not intended for individuals. If your spouse does not want to attend then you need to pray for them and talk to them about the benefits of doing such a course.

You can still attend a One for life course with your partner if you are preparing for marriage.

Couples living together as husband and wife can attend the course but should be aware that the course will challenge them to seriously consider marriage. The bible is clear that God’s plan for intimate relationships between men and women is a lifetime marriage covenant commitment, witnessed by God.    

Our courses are intended for any married couple but you should be aware that the course is based on biblical principles. 

No.  Our courses are designed for marriages between men and women and do not cater to same sex relationships.

Most courses have the option to attend via zoom which means you can do the course without leaving home. Liaise with your Group Leader to find a suitable solution that works for you.

Attending by zoom is very easy. If you email your Group leader they can talk you through it. You will be sent an invitation which you click on to access the course.

When you were registered for the online manual you will have used an email address for the registration. The access will have been sent to this email address. You will need to go to, then look to the top corner where it says ‘Our Resources’ click on this tab where it says ‘Online manuals’. Click there and you will be taken to a new screen where you can log in with your details and this will give you access to the manual for your course. If you have any queries please email and we will assist you.

The online access is your email address and you can then amend your password by clicking on forgot your password. If you have any queries please contact Helen on 07500402379 during working hours, or email her at

Our apologies if this is the case. Please contact our administrator Helen Harris on 07500402379 and she will aim to resolve your issues.